Restaurants Offer CBD-infused Beer – What Are the Effects?

Restaurants Offer CBD-infused Beer – What Are the Effects?

CBD is infused into different kinds of household products, including beauty products, food items, drinks, snacks, etc. Since 2020, mixing Canadian-produced CBD oils and alcoholic beverages has become quite popular in restaurants and bars. Some restaurants offer CBD-infused beer and cocktails, but what are the effects?

CBD-infused drinks have been legal in Canada since 2020. According to research and surveys from people who have tried out the combination, we found that CBD-infused beer may be worth a try.

Why CBD-Infused Beer is Good for You

After a hard day’s work, all you want is to relax and probably catch the evening’s news. A bottle of beer sounds good, but you’re not sure if you should take a bottle or two of beer due to the side effects of beer consumption. A few drops of CBD oil or tincture would make a difference.

People lose serotonin in their bodies due to excessive consumption of alcohol. The deficiency of serotonin consequently leads to hangovers and anxiety after drinking a few bottles of beer. Due to these annoying effects, some people may choose to forfeit beer consumption.

Luckily, the problems of anxiety and hangover can be remedied by combining your beer with a few drops of CBD. CBD is known to stabilize serotonin levels by activating certain receptors in the brainstem.

If you want to make your own Cannabis-infused beer, this video will show you how:

Effects of Combining CBD Products with Beer

CBD-infused Drinks Lessens the Urge for Heavy Drinking

The effects of excessive alcohol include nausea, light to serious mental impairment, and hangovers. Alcohol could also be addictive, leading to an uncontrollable urge to drink excessively.

Research shows that CBD could help lessen the desire to consume excessive alcohol, reducing its potential negative effects on the body. You get to enjoy a few bottles of beer without worrying about addiction. Hence, you can enjoy a drinking session without a hangover since you won’t drink beyond your capacity.

CBD-infused Beer Aids the Rehabilitation of Recovering Alcoholics

Alcohol addiction has lots of adverse effects on the life and productivity of addicts. However, as the popularity of CBD increases and its usefulness is known worldwide, some recovering alcoholics now use it as a viable treatment. As a result, some of the side effects of staying away from alcohol, like depression, are greatly reduced.

CBD-infused Beer Can Protect the Liver

Over the years, excessive alcohol use has led to a deterioration in the health of its victims. Excess alcohol increases the chances of chronic medical diseases, such as liver damage and cancer.

When consumed excessively, alcohol can really damage liver cells, leading to liver failure. The introduction of CBD into your beer protects the human body from such ugly situations. CBD could also reduce blood alcohol by supporting the faster metabolism of alcohol in the liver.

CBD May Protect Against Negative Effects of Beer Intake

A study conducted by NCBI has also shown that CBD may protect against some of the negative effects of drinking beer. These effects include chronic illnesses and damage of some body cells, alcohol abuse, uncontrollable addiction, increased blood alcohol level (BAC), and headaches or migraines.

When mixed with beer, CBD products help curb the negative effects of excess alcohol intake while simultaneously healing the body and mind.

There is a Possibility of Intensifying Some Effects

Some of the most common effects of beer consumption are the increased feeling of relaxation and disinhibition. In this situation, many people display a lot of behaviors that are otherwise restrained. While the reason isn’t clear yet, combining CBD with beer may intensify such behaviors, depending on the quantity of beer consumed.

A survey conducted among 72 persons revealed that consuming 25–75 mg of CBD daily for one month reduced anxiety and enhanced sleep quality. In comparison, this is great on its own, but not so much when combined with beer. The combination could intensify these effects, which could cause increased drowsiness and a state of tranquility.

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