4 Foods And Beverages That Can Help Quit Smoking

4 Foods And Beverages That Can Help Quit Smoking

Help Quit Smoking

Smoking is a very hard habit to break. It contains nicotine, a compound that is Recommended by some users and the source of addiction. Aside from that, smoking provides immediate effects that most busy people need like stress-relief and calming of nerves.

One of the solutions that can somehow ease the transition is vaping. Although it is similar to smoking the negative effects brought by smoking are being lessened without sacrificing the immediate impacts most people are looking for in cigarettes.

Unfortunately, studies about the effects of vaping seem to be vastly different to the point that the issue remains inconclusive. Therefore, to help a smoker as you quit, here are some food and drink suggestions that can be somehow encouraging.

Vegetables and fruits

It is already obvious that more negative effects are being brought by cigarettes than positives. Cigarettes can damage the lungs long-term and increases health risks like heart disease, nerve issues, and cancer. Nonetheless, people are still attracted to try smoking due to peer pressure and stress.

On the other hand, it is a no-brainer that fruits and vegetables provide countless positive things even if over-consumed. They are sources of almost all nutrients necessary for our health yet despite knowing that, most people are not encouraged to eat them on a regular basis. The irony between the two sets of products is unbelievable yet very true.

Studies show that eating vegetables and fruits can balance out the negative effects brought by smoking by providing abundant nutrients. And as you eat them daily, you’ll start to notice that your cravings for smoking are gradually decreasing.

Ginseng tea

Most people don’t like the taste of ginseng tea but this drink, according to some research, can be therapeutic. It is said it can reduce nicotine addiction by weakening its effects on dopamine. Dopamine is a neurotransmitter found in the brain that associates with the feeling of pleasure and is triggered to be released when smoking cigarettes.

Drinking tea regularly can make you feel less ecstatic or relieved when you are smoking. Ginseng tea may taste unfavorable but the effects can be so impactful in the long run.


There are reports that smokers who drink milk find an aftertaste so bitter when smoking. This helps to lessen the cravings. Other dairy products like cheese or ice cream can also help in contributing to the bitter aftertaste but they can also contribute to the sudden increase in body weight; therefore, consumption must be regulated.

Sugar-free mints and gum

The habit of smoking gives the users an unconscious longing for something to put in the mouth frequently. To cure that psychology, studies suggest smokers chew mints and gum whenever they feel the urge for cigarettes. Additionally, chewing those lasts longer compared to smoking a cigarette and will give you a perception that chewing is better than smoking.


If the 4 foods and drinks cannot manage to stop your habit of smoking, it is better to seek professional help. Some health professionals might give morbid suggestions like exploring the actual gory effects of smoking on internal organs. Try also to learn other non-risky activities to reduce stress and anxiety levels instead of being dependent on smoking.